Gutter Guard with Exclusive Locking Snap Clip

Positive! -  Permanent! -  Protection!

All New Copper
Sizes for 5" and 6" Style "K" Gutter


  1. Outperforms all current wire type gutter guards!
  2. First true professional gutter guard with snap-in lock!
  3. Amazingly simple!
  4. Eliminates cut hands caused by wire guards!
  5. Easily removed with screwdriver if necessary!

Now let the wind blow - Snap Clip protected guard will remain secure!

Real Easy Installation !

gutter guard gutter guard gutter guard
Drop "Snap Clip" into guide groove and push forward in one easy motion Double stage "Lock Impressions" adjust to any variations in the inside edge of gutter bead To remove snap clip, insert screwdriver, push completely forward and remove clip